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Infant Dental care

Infant Dental Care:
Teeth are in the Jaw at Birth

Many parents don’t realize that their child’s 20 baby teeth are already present in the jaws at birth. That is why proper infant dental care is important from the start, even though most babies don’t “get teeth” until they are about six months old.

At Rockingham Pediatric Dental, we recommend an initial visit before your child is one-year old. This will ensure you child’s gums and teeth are properly cared for and cleaned. In addition, we encourage our parents to get in the habit of cleaning their baby’s gums soon after birth. While your baby my “squirm” at first, we find that most babies ultimately learn to like having their mouth’s cleaned and, later, come to enjoy tooth brushing as part of their daily routine.

During this stage, you may encounter the following conditions, which we can help you with:

    • Teething
    • Baby bottle tooth decay
    • Thumb sucking and pacifier issues

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