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Children Dental Care

Children Dental Care:
Time to Develop Good Habits

Once your child is out of the infant stage, it is essential to combine your home dental prevention and care efforts with regular visits to your pediatric dentist.

Ongoing childhood oral care will ensure the continuous development of proper and effective oral health care habits that will, hopefully, last a lifetime and result in a wonderful and infectious smile you child confidently shares with the world daily.

At the younger end of the childhood spectrum, your child will likely want to brush his or her own teeth. This is fine and is part of encouraging healthy brushing and flossing habits.

However, we encourage parents to be ready to jump in and assist as needed. It is also important to manage a child who does not want to brush or floss. In this age group, we can help you convey the importance of proper oral care.

Along with regular visits, please be sure to review our pediatric dental care resources for more information.

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