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Children’s Dental Services

Your child will receive the best and most comprehensive dental care possible at Rockingham Pediatric Dental.

Our goals are simple: We want your child to have a good experience and we want to exceed your expectations. Here is a list of children’s dental services we offer at Rockingham Pediatric Dental.

Pediatric dental exam: A pediatric exam includes an overview of a patient’s home care, medical/dental history, and chief complaints, combined with intra- and extra-oral evaluations, such as oral cancer risk and periodontal/gum health.

Pediatric dental cleaning/prophylaxis: We use hand-held or electronic instruments to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth. This is followed by a thorough flossing and polishing of the teeth.

Pediatric dental x-rays/radiographs: Our use of advanced diagnostic tools provides critical information not directly visible during the clinical exam (i.e., bone loss/structure, decay between teeth, tooth positioning, and cysts or abscesses).

Fluoride treatment for kids: We apply a topical varnish to the surface of teeth which absorbs into the enamel to strengthen the teeth and aid against decay.

Sealants for children: We apply a composite resin coating to the biting surfaces of healthy molars to seal over pits and grooves of the tooth. This acts as a barrier against bacteria and, ultimately, decay.

Restorations/fillings for kids: We use a resin composite (white) or silver amalgam material to fill the decayed area of a tooth.

Other Services:
Pulpotomy/baby root canal
Space Maintainers
Extractions Stainless Steel Crowns

Most Insurance Accepted: