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Adult Dental Services and Care:
We Can Meet the Dental Needs of Your Whole Family

Dr. Minh Bui (Dr. Minh) has the knowledge and expertise to provide dental care to patients of all ages. We are proud of Dr. Minh’s comprehensive experience and training in adult care.Please consider selecting Dr. Minh as your comprehensive, family dentist who can meet the needs of everyone in your family, including all adult members. We are your one-stop dental practice.

Adult Dental Services:

Dental Exam:  An overview of the patient’s homecare, medical/dental history, and chief complaints, combined with intra- and extra-oral evaluations including oral cancer risk and periodontal/gum health.

Dental Cleaning/Prophylaxis: Use of hand or electronic instruments to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth. This is followed by thorough flossing and polishing of the teeth.

Dental x-rays/Radiographs: Diagnostic tools providing information not directly visible during clinical exam. Such issues include bone loss/structure, decay between teeth, tooth positioning, and cysts or abscesses.

Scaling/Root Planing (Deep cleaning): When a patient has periodontal disease/deep periodontal pockets, an ordinary dental cleaning is often not enough.  In these cases, scaling is performed with an ultrasonic cleaning to remove plaque and tartar that is located beneath the gumline.
The patient is given local anesthetic to reduce discomfort. The tooth’s root surfaces are then smoothed (planed).
This part of the procedure allows gum tissue to heal and makes it more difficult for plaque to accumulate along root surfaces.
Depending on the extent of the disease, more than one visit may be required to fully clean the mouth.

Restorations/Fillings:  A resin composite (white) or silver amalgam material is used to fill the decayed area of a tooth.

Endodontic/Root Canal Therapy: A damaged or infected tooth may need a root canal.  In a root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp, or innermost part of the tooth, are removed and the area is cleaned and re-sealed.
This is necessary to prevent further infection, pain, and even complete loss of the natural tooth.
As long as a fully developed tooth is nourished by surrounding tissues, it is able to sustain itself without the pulp that has been removed.

Crowns/Bridges: A tooth or multiple teeth may become severely damaged/fractured due to excess decay present.  In these cases, a filling is not satisfactory and a crown or “cap” is considered the best treatment option.  Crowns are custom made, often of a porcelain/ceramic material, and designed to mimic original tooth structure, placed over the remainder of the tooth.
The final result is fabricated to replicate the patient’s natural tooth shape and shade.

Dentures/Partial Dentures:  When many or all of the upper or lower teeth are extensively damaged, for any variety of reasons, full upper/lower, or partial dentures may be considered.  The patient’s comprehensive records are reviewed, including any x-rays, photographs, or bite impressions.

Extractions: When a tooth or teeth are considered damaged or infected beyond repair and “non-restorable”, an extraction is considered the final course of action. The dentist fully removes the tooth while the patient has received local anesthetic, such as novocaine.

Dental Implants: Implants are fabricated tooth roots that incorporate into the jaw bone so as to hold a replacement tooth or bridge.  When a tooth needs to be extracted or is otherwise lost, a dental implant is considered an excellent option for replacing the missing tooth and maintaining the patient’s dentition/tooth positioning. Implants are created from titanium and merge into the bone to provide a strong foundation for the abutment and crown placed on the implant.

Night guards/Occlusal Guards: A custom guard is created to protect teeth from any damage.  Such damage may occur during athletics or while clenching or grinding teeth during sleep.  As these guards are custom made for each patient, they have better function and superior fit compared to store-bought guards.

Teeth Whitening:  Tooth whitening is performed by applying a bleaching agent on the teeth, often via a tray custom created for the patient using teeth impressions.  The patient can either choose to accelerate the process using a two-hour in office treatment with accompanying home maintenance trays, or can simply perform the bleaching treatment at home.

Sedation Dentistry: Nitrous oxide, “laughing gas” is mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a small mask placed over the patient’s nose.  The dentist is able to control the amount of sedation received, and the gas has the benefit of wearing off quickly.  The patient is not fully “put to sleep,” but is sedated enough to maintain increased comfort and calmness during the procedure.
Nitrous oxide is considered a very safe and effective sedative and may be an option you wish to discuss with the dentist.

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